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AJIT DOVAL’s INFILTRATE AND BREAK strategy paying high dividends in Kashmir !!


As per the sources there is a massive infighting within the Hizbul Mujahideen Terror group. Recently we have seen few factions inside these Terrorist Groups, few Terrorists have left these groups and have opened their ow outfits.

However now this infighting has reached upto that extent that Terrorists are planning murder of their own team members by providing tips to Security Forces.

Reportedly, Sabzar Bhat was gunned down Indian Army after a tip-off about his location to police officials by his own team members – Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists.

A new video has been released by three terrorists claiming that Sabzar Bhat was gunned down by security forces after they gave information about Sabzar’s location.

The three terrorists claim that whoever will oppose terrorist Zakir Musa will face the same fate as that of Sabzar Bhat.

Sabzar Bhat was killed along with his associate in the encounter in Soimoh area of Tral in Pulwama district.

Now the question is who is doing all this??? Are we missing someone here….yes it is India’s James Bond Ajit Doval….he is known for his covert operations and have infiltrated many Terrorist groups in past…be it LalDenga or Babbar Khalsa.

His strategy is on right track and it seems it will pay really good dividends in log term. Till then…lets wait and watch.



  1. Please don’t discredit the security forces …. They are the feet on ground. No amount of planning and strategy in board rooms will work with effective foot soldiers. Nothing against Mr Doval… but credit goes to the men on ground… IA, JKP, CRPF , IB and other intelligence gathering forces.


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