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BIG WIN for PM Modi and HUGE humiliation for Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal….Read More


SC rejects probe into Sahara-Birla papers, says ‘documents not credible’.

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today rejected a probe into the Sahara-Birla diaries, which Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has used to allege that Prime Minister Narendra Modi accepted kickbacks from corporate houses.

The apex court said the documents placed by lawyer Prashant Bhushan in case aren’t credible enough to direct a probe against Prime Minister and others.

The court said the process of law can be misused for ‘ulterior goals’ if such documents are treated as legal evidence, and a probe is ordered.

It’s a very big blow for Opposition Leaders like Rahul Gandhi,Kejriwal and Mamta Banerjee who were accusing PM Modi of taking bribe from Sahara and Birla.



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