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Inspirational Story – A Businessman Uses Money Saved for Daughter’s Wedding in Building 90 Homes for the Poor

The Hands Of An Indian Gujarati Bride And Bridegroom, A Ritual Performed In An Indian Gujarati Wedding, India

In the spirit of the wedding season, Manoj Munot, a a businessman from Maharashtra, decided to give the ultimate gift of all — he gifted 90 homes to underprivileged families. These homes were built using the money that Munot had originally planned on spending on his daughter Shreya’s wedding. Instead, both of them decided to forgo a lavish celebration and used the savings to help those who needed it the most.

The cottages that have been built in Aurangabad, cost approximately Rs 1.5 crore. Munot has no regrets when it comes to his decision. “Weddings are expensive and people end up spending a lot. But there is such a thing as duty to the people,” he told ANI.

His daughter said she found happiness in seeing the joy in the eyes of those who will now benefit from this generous gesture.

Currently, 40 families have moved into the cottages and more are expected to move in soon. Shab Ali Shaikh, who works as a domestic help, told The Quint that since moving into her new home, a lot of the problems her family had faced earlier have disappeared. “We had no electricity or water supply in our previous house. And the burden of paying a monthly rent has been eased,” she said.

Mansoor Shah, another person who now has a new home thanked Munot, and said that no one who was benefited from this noble deed will ever forget the family or the wedding. It will be a day forever etched in their memories.



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