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Communist Leader Sitaram Yechury Beaten BLACK ‘n’ BLUE by Hindu Sena [VIDEO]


CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury was on Wednesday manhandled during a press briefing in the national capital, ANI reported.

Minutes after the incident, Yechury said that he is fighting “the battle for the soul of India and won’t cowed down by Sangh’s goondagardi.”

“We will not be cowed down by any attempts of Sangh’s goondagardi to silence us. This is a battle for the soul of India, which we will win,” he tweeted.

Earlier, two people allegedly barged into the CPI(M) head office and shouted slogans against the left leader. The men also raised slogans of ‘Hindu Sena zindabad’ and ‘CPI(M) murdabad’.

Incidentally, party general secretary Sitaram Yechury was about to enter the party’s central committee meeting hall on the first floor of the office to brief the media.

“The event witnessed a high drama as there was complete mayhem created by the miscreants, Upendra Kumar and Pawan Kaul of Hindu Sena, when they tried to disrupt the press conference,” a senior police official said, adding that the miscreants have been detained and further investigations are underway.

Here is the Video



  1. Most likely Yechury was beaten by TMC or Congress instigated goons for a political anti Hindu narrative. They and their evangelist and wahabbi backers frequently manufacture incidences to keep up the anti Hindu narrative.


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