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This is how DABANG CM Yogi Adityanath cleansing the Law and Order in Uttar Pradesh!!


Uttar Pradesh is known for its dwindling Law and Order situation for many decades. It has been an election issue for many years and unfortunately none of the recent governments were able to handle the Law and Order situation in Uttar Pradesh.

People say that Law and Order was a bit better during Mayawati regime, but it was worst during Samajwadi Party rule. Recent elections were won by Yogi Adityanath, and the most important reason was his hardened image against Criminals. He also declared that Criminals have only two options under his regime, Jail or Death.

The Yogi Government has been facing flak over law and order since Adityanath took charge as chief minister in March. There has been many incidents of Murders, Rape, and other crimes.

However, when we check the data and facts on ground, it seems Yogi Government is on the path of fulfilling its promise. It has been found that nearly 750 wanted criminals have been arrested in the state since April, according to state police officials.

Apart from that the biggest message has been sent by the recent encounters by UP Police. As per the sources, six hardened criminals have been gunned down in encounters with UP police in the past three weeks, signaling a new tough stance of the Yogi Adityanath government.

All five encounters since July 29, accounting for six killings, have taken place in sensitive districts of the state, namely Shamli, Azamgarh and Muzaffarnagar. “This is symptomatic of an aggressive campaign of the police under the able directions of the CM to have a proactive, reinvigorated drive against hardened criminals. If a criminal thinks he can fire at police and escape, he is under a misconception. At least 20 of my men have also got bullet injuries. We want to use minimum force. Encounters are never planned,” says UPs additional DG (Law & Order) Anand Kumar

Ajay Pal Sharma, the superintendent of police of Shamli, leads the way so far with two encounters that have led to three criminals being shot dead. The series of encounters started with Sharma’s team gunning down two wanted criminals, Naushad and Sarvar, on the night of July 29. On August 11, his team shot dead another criminal. “Police ka iqbal buland ho (police morale must be high) – this is the message. If anyone uses firepower on us, we will reply with necessary force,” Sharma said.

In Azamgarh a criminal named Sujit Singh, who escaped from a court hearing on August 11, was shot dead by Police. On August 3, Police killed another wanted criminal, Jay Hind Yadav. On August 16, the Muzaffarangar police under SSP Anant Tiwari shot dead hardened criminal Nitin Babua. Villagers had lifted him on their shoulders, hailing him for the encounter.

Local People are extremely happy with this attitude of Police force and there have been eight honour ceremonies by locals for Police team since the July 29 encounter. Recently Shamli SP was taken out on a chariot by locals around the town to felicitate him. He said an industrialist named Anuj Bansal was earlier reluctant to set up a factory in Shamli due to the crime situation but had now agreed to put up one. Sharma said, “It will be bringing employment to 1,200 people.”

So we can say that slowly and steadily Yogi Government has started working towards their primary agenda that is Crime Free Uttar Pradesh. We know it will take time, but at least we can sense the change in the Government functioning and that really matters.



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