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Is Congress taking help of Islamic Radical Groups for Gujrat Elections?? Here is the Proof


In a massive expose ahead of the Legislative Assembly Elections in Gujarat, Times Now has learned that Jignesh Mevani, the face of the Dalit agitation in the state, received a cheque from the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). SDPI is the political wing of the Popular Front of India (PFI), which is under lens in south India for its involvement in terror activities.

Jignesh Mevani is contesting the Assembly polls as an independent candidate from the reserved Vadgam constituency in North Gujarat. He is being backed by the Congress, which is supporting him by not fielding a candidate in the constituency.
Times Now is in possession of photographic evidence of Jignesh receiving the cheque from members of SDPI. The amount of the cheque is not known yet.

The incident is a clear indication of Islamists funding Rahul Gandhi’s partner in Gujarat and this has put the Congress in the dock. With its ally being funded by the political front of an alleged terror group, the Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi have a lot to answer ahead of the polls in Gujarat.

While Jignesh has so far not commented on the development, PFI and SDPI leaders have confirmed to Times Now that they have given the cheque to him. As Gujarat election dates near, fresh Hardik Patel ‘sex tapes’ go viral Abrar Ahmed, SDPI’s Karnataka in-charge, told Times Now that they will provide logistical support to Mevani in the Gujarat elections. In fact, SDPI volunteers will also be part of Mevani’s campaign.

The cheque to Mevani was handed by SDPI’s Gujarat general secretary, Abrar Ahmed confirmed. He went on to say that they will support secular parties in a bid to keep communal forces out of power, implying that SDPI would support Congress as well if Mevani officially supports the national party in Gujarat.

Talks are underway between Mevani and the Congress for outside support in case the latter comes close to grabbing power in Gujarat. Reacting to the development, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani stated that anti-national forces are funding Mevani and his campaign. RSS’ Rakesh Sinha said the Congress can go to any length to secure votes.

Mevani may be contesting as an Independent, but his battle is against the BJP. Mevani questioned the much-touted Gujarat Model. He said that had the ruling party delivered on their so-called development model, the people of the state wouldn’t have taken to the streets to fight for their rights. He said that ensuring basic facilities in small villages is much more important than a bullet train.

Mevani also rebutted BJP’s assertions on development as he questioned the ruling party to explain the shortage of electricity and water in the state

Mevani also coined a comeback for BJP’s ‘sabka sath sabka vikas slogan.’ “Sabka traas, sabka vinash (Everyone’s destruction, everyone’ pain)” is his new slogan. Mevani alleged that BJP is not only anti-Muslim, but it is also against Dalits, tribals, Patidars, women, and youth.

He, however, accepts that there are some minor differences between him, Alpesh Thakor and Hardik Patel. But he feels that it is crucial for them to put their differences aside and unite in their fight against the BJP. Mevani told Firstpost that there are few small contradictions between the three youth leaders but they are united against the “fascist forces”, which are ruling Gujarat.

However, Mevani’s style of politics is irking the BJP. A BJP leader from Ahmedabad said that Mevani is “not going to win at any cost”. The friction between Mevani’s supporters and BJP cadres is visible even during his roadshow.

In Chhapi, several BJP workers joined Mevani’s roadshow, waved black flags, and chanted Modi-Modi at his rally.



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