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SHOCKING EXPOSE -Kejriwal’s HEALTH SCAM worth Rs. 360 Crores…..Read More


Arvind Kejriwal is known for his theatrics and allegation making ability. He portrays himself as the most honest Politician ever and accuse everyone of committing corruption.

However he himself is indulged in so many corruption cases…here is the latest one.

One month back Arvind Kejriwal announced free MRI/CT-Scan in selected Private hospitals/centres for all patients who are residents of Delhi for last 3 yrs as Delhi has just one MRI/CT-Scan machine for all 38 Delhi govt run hospitals. The charges for MRI/CT-Scan in these Private hospitals/centres would be paid by Delhi govt to those Private hospitals/centres.

Now you will say what is wrong in this move as patient has to wait for 3 yrs to get MRI/CT-Scan done at Delhi only gov’t hospital having facility, But let me take you to basics of the scheme.

Arvind Kejriwal himself responding to tweet by journalist Manak Gupta in July 2016 had said that tendering for 5 MRI and 10 CT-Scan machines was done and same will be functional in 4 mnths i.e As per Kejriwal MRI/CT-Scan machines were to be functional in Delhi Govt Hospitals by Nov 2016 but why did he then shift to Private Hospitals/ centres instead of having MRI/CT-Scan machines at Govt owned hospitals ???

Avg cost of MRI/CT-Scan that Delhi govt will pay to selected pvt hospitals/centres is Rs.7500 per patient.

As per Delhi govt health ministry data for last 3 yrs, daily average of 2000 patients are recommended to undergo MRI/CT-Scan .

Means Delhi govt will pay approx Rs.30 crore to these selected Private hospitals/centres every month (2,000 patients ×20 days×7,500 per patient).  For one year Delhi govt will pay whopping Rs 360 crore of tax payers money to Private hospitals/centres.

Now come to scam point, Cost of Tesla MRI scanner costs between Rs 4 crore and Rs 6.5 crore, means with Rs.30 crore that Delhi Govt is giving to Private Hospitals/ centres for conducting MRI/CT-Scan it could easily purchase 6 MRI Scanner in a month or 70 MRI Scanner in one year that would have got 2 MRI/CT-Scanner for each of the 38 Delhi govt run hospitals .

Even we we consider costliest MRI/CT-Scan, It costs approx 14 crore, Delhi govt could have easily been able to purchase 25 MRI/CT-Scanner

So you yourself decide if the scheme is launched by AAP led govt to support poor patients or to loot tax payers money and help selected Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes.



  1. 2000 patients X 365 = 7,30,000 poor and needy patients are getting free MRI scans and CT Scans but all u see is a Scam?


    One MRI Scan takes an average of 30-40 minutes. Considering private hospitals are open for only 10 hours at max and have a maximum of 2 MRI Machines .. they can attend around 40 patients only ( 2 machines x 10 hours x 2 patients per hour).

    Cost annually = 40 patients daily x 7500 cost per patient x 20 days x 12 months = around 7 Crore TO ONE PRIVATE HOSPITAL ANNUALLY.

    At present there are only 10 hospitals authorized for it . So it would cost only 70 Crore Annually for covering all the 10 private hospitals.

    About installing those MRI Scans machines in govt run 38 hospitals… They have the machines already installed there but they are always booked for next 7-8 weeks or 2 months.
    Adding 2 extra will help?? Joke?

    Plz tell if there is any vacant area or any room where they can be installed… ?

    There is not even enough bed space for patients in the hospitals, forget about the empty area for construction of MRI SUITS.

    The room that houses the machine is called an MRI suite and can cost lakhs of rupees every month to maintain it. Safety features must be built in to protect those right outside from the magnetic field.

    Cost of construction of this suit will definitely be more than $400,000 Total Cost 400,000$ x 68 INR* 38 hospitals = more than 100 Crore.

    ( Area is also used which could have been used for other purposes like creating more beds for patients. Don’t forget how many people sleep outside the hospital buildings so that they can come up next day early in the morning to get a bed*)

    Add in patient support areas and installation costs too?

    Cost of obtaining 70 average MRI Machines = 70*10 Crores = 700 Crore

    Extra staff would also be needed. Even if only 3 people are recruited for handling this extra work then calculate their salary.
    Average Salary 30,000

    Total salary given in a year at 38 govt run hosptials =30,000 x 3 x 12 month x 20 days per month x 38 hospitals = More than 8 crore every year

    New MRI Machine can consume 3000-4000 litres of Helium annualy ? Helium Cost = 500-600 rupees per litre
    3500 litre x 550 x 70 machines = 12-13 Crore per year

    Now Annual cost of running MRI , Helium Cooling Machine, ac and interpreter machine = 70 machines x 20 days x 12 months x 400KWH per day x Rs10/per Unit = around 6-7 crore annually for 70 machines.

    Total cost for operating JUST 70 MRI MACHINES = 7+12+8 = 27 Crore Annually Fixed + Some Variable maintenance Cost

    MRI Machine Costs = 700 Crore
    Construction Cost = 100 Crore

    Now compare it to the money given to Private Hospitals under PPP.

    800 Setup cost + 27-30 Crore maintainance cost as suggested by you with still a waiting of a week or two.


    60-70 Crore to Private Hospitals and let the poor get their treatment as soon as possible??

    CT Scan Machines not Included. May add around 100-200 Crore for machines and their room setup.


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