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Massive “Jihadi” Protests against journalist Rohit Sardana for so called ‘blasphemous’ tweet


It seems freedom of expression is selective and reserved for selective group of people in India. That is the reason why anything Anti-Hindu is propagated in the name of freedom of expression, where as everything becomes communal vice-versa.

Today we are talking about Ex-Zee New Anchor Rohit Sardana who has recently joined Aaj Tak.

In context of the film Sexy Durga, with which the Kerala High Court sided, Sardana referred to women in Islam and Christianity including Prophet Muhammad’s wife Ayesha, daughter Fatima and Mary, Jesus Christ’s mother.

He asked why the title of ‘Sexy’ was only put after a Hindu goddess, and asked if the same could be done for the other names as well.

This tweet triggered the expected reaction from the Jihadi gangs and as per the report today a large group of people, reportedly from Shia, Sunni and Christian communities, staged a protest in front of the Old City police commissioner’s office at Purani Haveli in Hyderabad.

It was a massive protest where fanatics were Shouting religious slogans, the protesters also demanded the arrest of Aaj Tak TV journalist Rohit Sardana, alleging that his posts on Twitter were ‘blasphemous’.

The group was led by Shia cleric Nisar Hussain Hyder Agha, and also demanded that the media outlet fire Rohit Sardana.

A memorandum was also submitted to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (south zone) V Satyanarayana, who said that a case had already been registered.

Apart from that a large crowd gathered outside the India Today/Aaj Tak office on the busy Richmond Road in Bengaluru on Friday, halting traffic and chanting slogans “Band karo band karo aaj tak band karo”.

The protesters carried out a silent march from Masjid-e-haskari to Aaj Tak’s office. It was organised by Anjuman-e-Imamia.

On a poster carried by one of the protesters, it was written that “the group condemned Rohit Sardana’s comments against Bibi Fatima (SA), the daughter of the Holy Prophet, the wife of the Holy Prophet and Immaculate Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.”

A Shia group had earlier put out a statement that Rohit Sardana had to apologise on camera within 48 hours. Sardana had tweeted an apology earlier.

Earlier this week, members of the Shia community had lodged a complaint with the Dabeerpura police station in Hyderabad, following which a case was registered against the journalist under Section 295(A) (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings) of the IPC.

Even as the protests were staged in Hyderabad, police complaints were also filed against the journalist in Mumbai.

The Times of India reported that the Naya Nagar police at Mira Road invoked sections 295A and 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on ground of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc) of the IPC, besides Section 67 of the IT Act.

The tweet from Sardana, that has triggered outrage, seems to have been posted on November 16.

The journalist has alleged that he has been receiving several calls from unknown numbers who are threatening and intimidating him.

He took to Twitter to post screenshots of the anonymous numbers and asked the Uttar Pradesh police to take action.



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