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BIG NEWS – Pakistan’s Babur-3 cruise Missile launch was FAKE….Read More


NEW DELHI: A day after Pakistan announced the successful submarine launch of the nuclear-capable Babur-3 cruise missile, Times Now today quoted a defence and satellite analyst as suggesting Pakistan may have faked the launch.

The analyst, ‘Raj’, showed Times Now technical evidence to suggest Pakistan faked the missile video and using computer graphics to depict much of the weapon’s flight.

Raj, who claims to be a satellite imagery analyst based in Mumbai, in a series of tweets, posted pictures with geo tags in purported proof of the allegedly fudged test.

The expose is likely to ruffle feathers in Pakistan, which would have been hoping to claim a fully operational nuclear-triad. The triad is a nuclear-armed nation’s ability to deliver nuclear warheads from launch systems based on land, in the air and from sea.



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