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Chase, Kill, Freeze, Block: PM Modi Applying this NEW Doval doctrine to restore peace in Kashmir !!


Chase, Kill, freeze, block- This is the three point strategy adopted by the Union Government to restore normalcy in the Valley. Over the past few weeks several security meets have been held with National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval at the helm of things.

It was stated repeatedly that the Indian Army must be given a free hand to tackle the problem. The results are quite visible already and the Army has said it would wipe out the terrorists before the winter sets in, in December.

There is a three point strategy that has been put in place to tackle the issue. While one would involve killing the terrorists, the other too deals with the funding and the rumour mongering on the social media.

CHASE them down and KILL

Last week, a hit-list of 12 most wanted militants in the Valley was released. They were categorised as A+ and A++ militants. While the main emphasis would be to chase these terrorists down and kill them, the Indian Army would also look to wipe the rest on the ground.
A strong force of 4,000 is already in the Valley and in the next couple of months, the main focus would be on killing all the terrorists. The Army wants to get the job done by December. Once the winter sets in, terrorists from Pakistan normally do not infiltrate due to heavy snowfall.


The NIA has launched a probe against the Kashmir separatists for terror funding. The idea is to freeze and block all source of funds. The security establishment says that if the funds are frozen, the unrest cannot be funded. Multiple angles have cropped up during the probe.

It was found that the funds into the Valley had come in through cross-border trade, sale of California almonds and other means. Hawala traders have been traced to New Delhi through which funds were sent into accounts of separatists. The NIA probe looks to fix the culprits. Once done, this would ensure that the funding is frozen to a large extent which in turn would cripple the separatists.


The social media has been a bane for security agencies in Kashmir. Messages go viral and rumours are spread at the snap of a finger. There is a dedicated team of people who have launched several groups through which rumours are spread. Most of the rumours that are floated are relating to the Indian Army.

Highly placed officials say that the social media has to be regulated. The miscreants with the help of Pakistan have come up with various means to dodge the block. A new mechanism would urgently be put in place to ensure that such rumours do not float around in Kashmir.



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