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IIM/IIT rejected him, this 23-year-old Boy is changing the face of Hill tourism….on his own!


Starting off at an early age of 19, as a Tourist Guide, during college vacations, to sustain the expensive living costs at Sikkim, Jeewan still remembers his toughest Journey which changed his career forever.

He learnt the basic nuances of Travel business during his stint, but he was not satisfied with this only. He wanted to make a big mark of himself. Being an Entrepreneur was his long cherished dream and six months down the line, he left his job and started his own travel agency.

In India, which is a huge country and have different kind of challenges if we talk about Tour and Travel business, this boy decided to take it head on right from the day one. He is arranging all the logistics of tourism like pick & drop, accommodation, sightseeing etc. All the time, managing it all by himself.

“I have no Ideas about e-com website that time so decide to build one simple website as a tool, and I have no prior knowledge of SEO or SMO, and Digital Marketing.” He said.

Observing his progress, Jeewan invited 10 of his colleagues to create a business plan in his dormitory, he waited for an entire day all alone, no one came and in the end he did it again, all alone.

Here comes HillRoom

Finally, at 24, he created “Hillroom” one of the well-known branded start-up, an entity which has 500 + room and 40 properties under its belt to offer to its customers. His Firm is covering almost entire North-East. He is the CEO and CPO of Hillroom, aiming at employing at least 100 employees from the North-East very soon.

Problem solving and Innovative attitude

Hill wallet is another product he and Sreenivas, the CTO of Hillroom are creating together. Both are well aware of the benefits and future of Digital Economy and thus ensuring cashless transactions for both the tourists and the service providers.

The fact that the North east merchants charge only 1-1.5% of transaction fee as against 2-2.5% elsewhere, also works well for Hillwallet. Also since the recent action of Demonetization, People are also doing more Digital Transactions.

So sensing a brilliant opportunity, they have added the Hill Wallet to their Service Bouquet and it is acting as a boon for their Customers and Service Providers as it removes their toughest job of marketing their services individually and also comply with cashless transactions.

“Solving a cheap lodging problem (cheap hotels in hill-station) and finding an auxiliary revenue stream because the hotel couldn’t afford to get the booking in time during season so we decide to solve more problem” He said

Customers and service providers, across North-East, the vital members of Hillroom, are till date extremely satisfied by the aggregated services of Hillroom.

By the end of December they will launch a dedicate Mobile application which will be a big utility for their Consumers.

Initial challenges

They further added that in the beginning everything was really tough for them. They have faced many challenges while understanding the needs of Customers, and it is very difficult to offer a customized package to different kind of Customers. However they applied the nuances learnt while they were working as a Travel Guide and created some customized packages for their customers. They observed that 80% of their consumer want packages only, and they made some changes in their existing Services and accommodated packages created on the basis of their interactions with consumers and this has touched the right cord, and this niche feature helped them to spread their clientele.

India is a big Travel market but it still lacks proper and professional Travel consultancy services for Consumers. This is very much required because it helps a consumer to take the right and cost effective decision. Sensing the right opportunity, Jeevan launched a “Hill Travel Consultancy” – a travel consultant services to all Hill consumers. This Service is Free of Cost for all the consumers and it helps consumers deciding their Travel destinations and other activities.

Not just this he is also COO of Sklancer India Pvt Ltd and team leader at esygro.com

Good Team is basically needed in all start-up whether you’re building tech or non tech start-up. It was at that time, Sreenivas of Hyderabad who meet him in facebook start-up group stepped in to Jeewan to work in this start-up.

“I haven’t meet Sreenivas personally but we work through distance and we enjoy working 17 hrs per day” he said.
So impressed was Sreenivas, with Jeewan’s business model and vision, that he not only agreed to work in technology buttook up the responsibility as HillRoom’s Technical advisor , as they are also in talks to raise funding to scale up whole India by 2018.
Through having best experience in operating Sreenivas decide to make him as COO of Sklancer India Pvt Ltd.

He Joined esygro in July 2017 through his VP marketing esygro have reached double growth in 2 months. And now he’s holding as Vice President Marketing In esygro which is one of the fastest growing b2b e-com platforms.

This appointment has further fuelled his vision to have Women rule the Industry in a 60:40 ratio.

The attitude of growth, according to Jeewan, is to focus on the Customer and not the Competitor. Fully aware of startup troubles, he continuously motivates his team with his grit and guts. Aiming to capture the global market in the next 5 years, he is very sure about the growth path.


He was enlisted in Top-10 Under 30 Entrepreneurs from North East by Indian Awaz recently.

Tough journey because he has hearing impairment

If you can’t talk on the phone, what will you do in business? A common question from the circle!

Thanks to Internet, He learnt to utilize the plethora of knowledge that Internet offers at an early age during his schooling at St. Paul. He lost hearing at an early age of 11 due to the post effects of a Chest surgery. Not losing hope on becoming an Entrepreneur, he’s also winner of NorthEast’s Top 10 Entrepreneur award in 2017.

He was rejected by IIM

He applied to IIT/ IIM incubation, but was rejected. He travels 600km to get an audience and he was not even allowed to enter the gates. Mails followed and their ultimate answer was “Rejected”

In 2015, he then decides to wind up his travel agency and pursue Hillroom wholeheartedly. Because, by then he had met Barun Kharel who’s one of the first Investor in Hillroom and now he’s MD of Hillroom and the first person to team up with Jeewan.

He firmly believes that the Hill gene is very different from the rest, resilient, determined, and sincere about growth. He aims at bringing the clan together and create a success out of the “forgotten out of development plans” region of our country. Boosting the economy through Smart Tourism in Northeast.

Job creation in Northeast

Northeast as we all know is famous for its tourism potential. There are several organizations already operating in Northeast, but there is still not too much jobs offered to locals and they have to migrate to North or South India for getting good jobs.

However Jeewan wants to change this situation, and he has started his endeavors in the same direction. He always emphasizes to provide employment to locals, it is a noble step as it somehow adds something to the economy of Northeast and it also helps reducing the migration, which is at an alarming rate as of now.

Please visit Hill Room website and make a booking, visit the North East with an amazing experience !!



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